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Taylor & Francis Online :: Porn Studies


If you don’t read academic journals then here is one to get you started. It is open access (rare for an academic journal) AND it is on a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart; pornography. Yes, serious academic work is done on pornography and if you are even passingly interested in human sexuality then you would do well to head over the the site.

Warning, this is a serious academic journal so if you aren’t used to reading journals be prepare to work at it. But if you do, it will be effort well spent.

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Consumer Alert - Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms



Upon examining a Trojan Fire & Ice condom, I immediately noticed something was very wrong.

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I’ve refused to use these condoms ever since their arrival on the market. It’s terrifying to think of the chemical burn these are inflicting and I’m pretty sure they’re no longer protecting the wearer or their partner from STIs and maybe even pregnancy. No one. I repeat. No one! Should be using the Fire & Ice condoms.