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Human Emotions Are Weird

There’s nothing quite like high sexual arousal turning instantly into deep sadness and defeat. 

After a frustrating week, and even more frustrating day, I was looking forward to cranking out some physical and emotional release. Uncontrollable crying was NOT what I had in mind. 

Imagine for a moment… I’m finally on the phone with the lover I miss the most, ready to finally have sexy conversation and masturbation. I’ve cranked the music up to drown out the hitachi and groans. The conversation wanders around a few times before finally settling on an awesome cuckold fantasy involving things I’ve only dreamt of doing with this lover. Orgasms are rolling through my body but I’m not quite ready for the full squirting release. Suddenly I sense a disturbance in the force and look up to find my bedroom door standing open and realize my mother has opened the door to let the codependent cat in. 

Humiliation settles in before another orgasm can roll through my system and I suddenly stop making sexytime noises. The boyfriend is completely oblivious, continuing his sexy talk as I burst out into sobs. This has happened before… he knows when he hears me crying what has happened. He just sits silently listening as I cry. Even though he’s 30 miles away, I can feel his discomfort, not knowing what to say. 

Suddenly the passionate desire for sexual release has converted into a passionately irrational sense of defeat and abandonment. 

I’m going over to another lover’s place for cuddles and a second attempt at releasing this pent up frustration.

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