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Watch "America's Daughters" on YouTube

America’s Daughters: The Reality of Human Trafficking

Yes it’s real, and it probably looks different than what you’re thinking. This powerful poem by a survivor of Human Trafficking depicts the pain, hope, and life of survivors. Please share so this video can help inform people who can help, and so people who are living this nightmare now can find help and resources to leave.

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Trailer for Public Sex, Private Lives - As Violet Blue said: “Thank goodness that we live in the era that porn performers, dominatrixes and sex workers can now finally *actually* describe the work they do and what it means for them in their own words (as opposed to the past where others speak – often incorrectly – for these women). No more.”

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Our Porn, Our Selves: “Most people who watch porn wonder about the people performing in it at some point. Audacia Ray made this terrific, powerful video about the rights of sex workers, addressing a range including exploited sex workers to those who do sex work as a middle class job. It’s a much more sane look than “abuse victims” vs. “sexually empowered superheroes.” Bravo!”

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